20 Mar - 2018


If you are looking for a kitchen trend that will stay forever in the future, you might just want to start up by renovating your kitchen space with solid hardwood flooring.

You can thank us later for all the compliments you are going to get, in addition to the benefits we’ve listed below.

Ease of maintenance

Hardwood floors are easy to clean.

They do not accumulate dust and dirt, hence a simple cleaning routine of a weekly sweep, dry mopping or vacuuming will do make the floors good as new every week.


When compared to carpets that need replacement every 5 years due to stain, fade from wear and tear and tiles which require polishing often to hide their age, a good hardwood flooring will last for decades and they age like wine!

The Look

Food takes place in our heart like nothing. Kitchen being the most used place in a home, hardwood floors give the warmth and feel of no stone and tile floors would.

Cost Effective

Though hardwood floors are costly on the outlook, a carpet would demand a vacuum and refit every few years. While wooden floors will go to good as new with a simple sand and seal fix.

Increase the Value of Your Property

With the strength, durability and timeless appeal it has, a house with wooden floors sell twice the prize during a resale. Real estate agents say they would accelerate the sale of the property and also exceed the initial installation cost of the floors.

The Acoustic Effect

A good wooden floor will reduce hollow sounds or vibrations in a room. If you are planning to have to set up a home theatre or a studio hardwood floors are what you need the most.


If you have infants in your house or pets or generally very concerned about the health of your family, never carpet your floor. Parasites, dust mites, fleas or dust breed in carpets which is very hard to clean.

Wooden floors save your bank and health.

It Can Be Refinished

By sanding and resanding your wooden floor you can refinish it anytime you want to make it look like a totally new floor and to protect it without breaking your bank.

Plenty of choices

Your style and mood will change over the years and so will your wooden floors. With modern day technology engineered wooden floors are available in any texture, pattern, finishes, and style you want.

Available at all budgets

Engineered wood flooring is the new trend.

They look like real wood and have every property of just like a real wood. In fact, they don’t expand and contract to the same extent as solid wood.

Due to the engineering methods, they are available at all budget. Your floor involves your family’s health, time, the aesthetics and value of your home in a long run. Consult a wooden flooring expert to take a well-informed decision.