02 Nov - 2018

What is the cost of a modular kitchen in chennai?

A lot of people are opting for a modular kitchen in their homes. Modular kitchens have standardized modules available and that too in a fixed range of prices. Different costs of a modular kitchen in Chennai are available online.

Figuring out one standard cost of a modular kitchen in Chennai may be a tough job, but by reviewing the cost factors, an estimated cost can be known, which can be pocket-friendly too.

While a basic modular kitchen starts from somewhere around one lakh, the price may go up depending upon the cost factors given below.

Size of Kitchen

The cost of your kitchen will be directly affected by its size and layout. A large kitchen can have more units, which means more cost. The number of units will also depend on the fact that how you use your kitchen.

A person who does not spend much time at home can opt for a kitchen with basic essentials, while one who loves cooking and spends most of his time in kitchen can make efficient use of modules in a kitchen of average size.

Material that is being used to make kitchen

The material from which kitchen is being prepared can be of low quality particle board or a high quality board or from a plywood or MDF/HDF. The kitchen can also be made completely from solid wood. However, it would be an expensive thing.


There are numerous options available of accessories in the market for modular kitchen. One must select accessories on the basis of their utility else it will be simply wastage of money if they are not used in future. So, choose the accessories wisely so that your cost remains under budget.

Avoid leaving open food packets and unscrubbed utensils in the kitchen. Seal cracks near water pipes and seal points of the water outlet.

Type of Finish

The price of your modular kitchen will be affected by the type of finish that you choose for interior and exterior of your cabinets. Finish can be in form of acrylic, polish, membrane, PLPB (Pre Lam Particle Board), Polyester or Laminate.

Among these, acrylic is the most expensive one as it gives a glossy look and is scratch-resistant. For people you wish to spend in budget, laminates are ideal to use. While choosing material for cabinets, keep humidity and heat also in mind.


Just like accessories, choose appliances that you are going to use frequently. This will avoid unnecessary expenses. Compared to conventional appliances, built-in appliances like dishwasher and oven are more expensive as they are seamless in design and comfortable to use.

To make the cost of modular kitchen fit in your budget, prioritize your needs and invest wisely in these factors. This way, you can always create a kitchen that you have always wanted.