28 May - 2018


Not many people notice but most of the socialization takes place in the kitchen.

When you have guests over, most often or not, they offer you help in the kitchen. So, this is the main reason why you should stop neglecting such an important area of your home and start by making it more functional.

Although there are many misconceptions regarding Modern Kitchens that can make you fall prey to ruining your kitchen. So, let us take a look at these 4 misconceptions about modern kitchens that you need to get rid of right away.


Butcher boxes filled with knives really looks awesome, however, in your kitchen, you do not require knives of all sizes. You only need three types of knives to carry out your activities in the kitchen.

To cope up with all your activities, you require 9-inch chef knife, maybe two and a paring knife. These knives can be considered as good basics in your kitchen. It is recommended to buy a top quality knife as they are more durable.

The Bigger the Better

Unless you are severely claustrophobic, the size of the kitchen should be the least of all your concerns. The functionality of your kitchen has nothing to do with how big it is.

The layout and the efficiency of the workflow are all that matter. Having a small kitchen with appropriate modelling and useful accessories is way better than a huge area with no effective working.

The Bigger the Better

You Don’t Require a Designer

DIY is in trend nowadays, but extending this craze to making a modern kitchen is not the wisest move. Designers are professionals who have been trained to take every aspect into account.

Therefore, don’t try to cheap out on the designing part as you are most likely to end up wasting a fortune on repairs later on. A designer will help you get the big picture and increase the longevity of your kitchen.

Hiring an Unbelievably Cheap Contractor

Due to the popularity and competition in home decor business, some contractors offer rates that are too good to believe. Most often, they are baits that you should refrain yourself from falling into.

Always check for the tool that your contractor will use and his experience. The specialty about a good contractor is that he will never lower rates or compromise the quality of a modern kitchen. So, instead of hiring unskilled labour invest in an expert.

Ignoring the Warranty

Sometimes those fancy catalogs show you hypnotizing designs and without even knowing, you fall for their trap and ignore the part where they should specify about the warranty.

After spending on making your kitchen modern, you deserve some peace of mind. Without a warranty, the headache of any further repairs will fall on you. On the other hand, if your kitchen remodelling company offers you a warranty, you can rest assured about repairs.