29 Jan - 2018


Indian kitchen is where the women of the house spend majority of their time.

It is full of spices, cereals, utensils, electronic appliances, cleaning tools and knives. It’s even the only place in the house where fire and water co-exist.

It serves the most important purposes and so the look and feel of the place is also of great importance. This is why you need a systematic and well-arranged kitchen space. Modular design is the best solution to customize your kitchen to optimize the available space for utility and storage.

Also, it will be a class apart from the normal kitchen in terms of looks.

Here are a few tips and ideas for doing up a modular kitchen for Indian homes.

Shape your Kitchen

To match your needs and size of the place. The most common shape being L- shaped and I and U being some of the favourite designs, there are parallel designs and islands that are the most appropriate for large kitchen spaces. Try to keep a balanced work triangle pattern – equal space from cooking hob to fridge/storage and wash basin.

Open Racks

Install open racks on the countertop. This ensures smooth and easy access to items. All your tiny bottles of spices and daily masalas can occupy these racks.

Corner Space

Utilise the corner spaces. Install corner stands or steel racks for your plates and bowls or create a space for your mixer grinder and similar countertop appliances.


Make use of pull out drawer formats. Modular kitchen designs included functional ideas such as pull out drawers and trolley which will help use up a lot of spare space beside making access easier. Organise a cutlery pullout, a serving dish pull out, oil pullout, cereal, and grains rack and other utensils pullout so that you know where to look for what.


Illuminate your cabinets and countertops. Apply modular kitchen ideas for perfect lighting for your kitchen. Light up the area and highlight certain design areas for that chic look. Put some lights inside cabinets and at corners. Your overhead cabinets will be more appealing and accessible with well-planned lighting tricks.

Countertop Slab

Countertop slab material is an important aspect. Generally, a black or dark shades of granite and white marbles are used in an Indian kitchen. Stone, glass, and steel can also be used instead. Wooden materials are widely used in other countries but it’s better to avoid it in Indian kitchens. The materials mentioned above are durable and is of high quality. It can maintain an elegant look.


Colour combination is like the cherry on the ice cream. With proper choice of colours to decor your kitchen, you can revolutionize the whole space. They create the most impressive visual impact and gives meaning to your kitchen design.


Personal customization is the highlight of modular designs. You may plan and organize the entire space according to your taste and affordability.

Most of the city homes have a small kitchen with limited space. Modular designs can adapt to these compact spaces and work out an easy to work and quick to access plan for your kitchen.