26 Jul - 2018


One of the major decision while planning furniture’ is the type of drawers that must be installed in homes.

The soft and silent closing doors and drawers reduces the problems of slamming and prevents children from pinching their fingers. Soft close drawers offer users with ultimate ease and they are bound to impress your guests. With convenient storage plus elegant design Bella Soft Close Drawers leads by example.

The soft close mechanism allows the drawers to be closed slowly and gradually. Thus the mechanism of soft closing drawers in kitchen is preferable.

Some of the advantages that soft close drawers holds include:• Drawers banging….NO MORE – Bella Hardware Soft Close Mechanism ensures that the drawers are shut very smoothly and quietly. So if you have kids and pets then these drawers would be perfect for you as the drawer runners stops it to slamming against the hinges.

The home is incomplete without a good set up. complete home take cares of every small things that affects convenience and accessibility. From the design of your walls and furnitures. The soft closing drawers and doors prevent slamming which prevents your ears from getting that extra slam. There can be many precious and delicate objects in your drawer that may get broken due to jerk and colliding. This also makes your things fly away from the closet.

The soft closure keeps the things in place and still. The small children in your is priceless for you. The soft closure of the drawers prevent those little fingers from getting pinched. This feature keeps exuberant children from slamming the doors. The soft closure of the drawers and closet maintains their longevity. This prevents them from jerks .The soft close feature is a great way to add a bit of luxury to your kitchen or bathroom. We usually recommend them because of their many advantages. They can also be an attractive selling point if you decide to sell your home in the future.

Installing soft close cabinet hinges ensures that the doors close slowly and without making any noise. These auto close hinges also prevent the doors and drawers from getting damaged because of slamming. The slamming of cabinets creates a commotion and ruins the complete atmosphere of the house.

Banging the drawers and the cabinet doors often tend to disorganize the content kept within. When closed harshly, it can even damage the fragile items that have been kept inside. The soft hinge feature prevents breakage and keeps the contents in place.