22 Feb - 2018


Looking for the right time to redesign your kitchen, now it is. Personalize the favourite spot in your home, the kitchen, with bold colours and textures you love. Because 2018 is all about colour contrast, texture, and metallics.

Let The Colours Reflect You

The colours in each section of the kitchen are extremely important and should reflect you and needs. Let the cooking area be bright and the place for entertainment reflect the mood of its purpose.

Choose Dark For Floors

Paint your cabinets the elegant grey instead of white and let the floors be darker. They portray a full-on elegance and a deep rich luxurious atmosphere when you walk in the kitchen.

Mix Up The Shelves

Open shelves are becoming quite popular. Design an array of open and closed shelves. Display accessories and even deluxe items that reflect your personality on the open shelves while the old crockery may take the place in the hidden storage.

Go Metallic

No matter what is the size of the kitchen, a small metallic utensil can elevate the look of it. Opt for black stainless steel or the refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves in sophisticated shades of black and copper.

Handles Are Always In The Game

Handless doors stepped up popular last year, but they are back! Beautiful, elegant, stylish handles against modern cupboards in bright coppers or rose gold is a growing trend contrasting it with black stainless steel.

Layer Lighting

The traditional line of three pendant lights that are hung over the rectangular kitchen or the concealed LEDs that are under the worktops can transform a kitchen into an entertaining space.

Marble And Stone Worktops

Natural stones that can withstand extreme heat and intense pressure are preferred over any other worktop materials. Granite, quartz, and laminate are no longer the only options. Wood countertops with Calacatta marbles are a trend.

Bring In Technology

From sensor-activated lights to hands-free faucet bring in automation and technology to your kitchen. Make it a fun place and you’ll no longer have a tough time with your kids in the kitchen when the process is fun.

No matter how much storage you plan there are still somethings that won’t fit right. Plan your storage so that all the small appliances go near the countertop and the larger, occasionally used ones go in the hidden storage.


There is no set rule.Using versatile colours in kitchens has become a popular trend this year. Do not stick to one style, texture, and material. Go wild like your personality. Do everything you can possibly can.

The only thing that matters when you redesign or design your kitchen from scratch is that you enjoy the process. Call in a professional for guidance but go with your instincts.