06 Jun - 2018


We all dream of having a lovely kitchen that is well organized with tools and ingredients so that we do not face any difficulty to try out our favorite dishes.

Just like each of your rooms, your kitchen also requires good tools to make it look good.

However, to make it handy and lead a hassle free kitchen experience, some of the tools are mentioned below that one must not forget to have inside the kitchen.


Butcher boxes filled with knives really looks awesome, however, in your kitchen, you do not require knives of all sizes. You only need three types of knives to carry out your activities in the kitchen.

To cope up with all your activities, you require 9-inch chef knife, maybe two and a paring knife. These knives can be considered as good basics in your kitchen. It is recommended to buy a top quality knife as they are more durable.

Cutting boards

They are one of the most overlooked items in our kitchen, yet they hold great value too.

You can seek for two cutting boards to avoid cross communications.

On one of the board, you can cut meat, fish and all, and the other can be used to cut vegetables.

Cutting boards are not really expensive and are mostly made of plastics. Make sure to choose the best quality cutting board so that they do not get damaged easily and can be cleaned easily.

Spoon and cups

You cannot spend your day in the kitchen without spoon and cups; they are the most basic tools that are required for multiple purposes. Be it boiling water or serving your favorite tea, they serve the best to their owners. You can have a set of spoons and a couple of set of cups. To measure liquid, you can opt for a set of the cup.

Read thermometer

Read thermometer is readily available in the supermarket along with other kitchen equipment. It is used to determine whether the chicken or poultry that you are cooking is safely cooked or not. So do not forget to add this to the list of essential items in your kitchen.


If you are new to cooking, then you can opt for a nonstick skillet.

They are really good, but never mess the pan with metal utensils. If the metal utensils have undergone a scratch then it affects the nonstick surface of the pan. You will also require a saucepan and stockpot to complete the cookware list in your kitchen.