08 sep - 2018


Cockroaches are the most detested animals to lodge in your house. Getting rid of them is the most disgusting task at hand.

They feed on almost anything left on your kitchen countertops and sinks and live on wall cracks and the impossible to reach rifts.

When you spot them in your kitchen you already know they've found their dark hiding spots in all your other rooms, shafts and the threshold of your food containers. It's the most ideal thing to get rid of these carriers of diseases as soon as possible.

What attracts them?

Just like humans, they are attracted to food—the crumbs, debris, and even stale food in your stove top and shelter—a cozy dark spot under any corner, paper boxes or even your hall after the lights off. To deny things that they are attracted to is the perfect way to destroy their habitat.

Why should you get rid of them?

The very sight of this disgusting creature makes you shudder and want to stomp them.

They just don't stop there, they can spread bacteria and germs and make your house a breeding spot for harmful diseases by poisoning your foods.

They can even destroy your kinds of stuff like clothes, electronic gadgets, wallpapers, etc.

So, How to remove this breeder of diseases from your home?

1. Cut off food and water

The only way to permanently get rid of cockroaches is to cut off things they are attracted to—food and water. Start by cleaning the grease and food spills under your kitchen appliances and cabinets.

Avoid leaving open food packets and unscrubbed utensils in the kitchen. Seal cracks near water pipes and seal points of the water outlet.

2. Clean Every Day

If there could be a motto to get rid of cockroaches forever that would be—clean every day. Don't let food sit in dark places overnight. Start emptying crumbs and spills right away and use one trash can for food and take them out every day. While mopping, make sure to wipe them dry, cockroaches are attracted to water.

3. Lure them with natural components

A mix of equal parts of baking soda with equal parts sugar attracts cockroaches while the former kills them. A light dusting of boric acid can destroy cycle of cockroaches, and they will be gone within a week.

Bay leaves are a natural roach repellent and instead of killing them they just keep cockroaches out of your home since they hate the smell of them.

4. Resort to baits

Using natural ingredients to get rid of roaches might take a while longer but chemically available gel based baits bring in quicker solution.

Place the bait in areas which are darks, the potential hiding sports of cockroaches such as baseboards, under the sink, and in corners.

5. Seek professional help

When poisonous roach baits, adhesive traps, and natural ingredients didn't work it's best to seek exterminators. Concentrated pesticides when in contact with cockroaches they are dead instantly.

Infestations didn't grow in a night and they shall not go immediately. Invest time in understanding the living habitat of these pests and you can get rid of them forever.

Take note of the chemicals you spray in your home went you have pets and infants living with you.