26 Jul - 2018


The kitchen is one of the highly used areas of the house. Due to the heavy traffic, the chances of the kitchen left out unorganized are extremely high.

In order to maintain the ease of use, it is important to make sure that you keep the stuff in your kitchen well organized. This ensures a quicker reachability and aids you in using items that you need at once.

Let us take a look as to how you can organize the storage of your kitchen with minimal effort.

Make some space above the window

Make some space above the window by having a shelf built on it.

Utilize the cabinet doors

Instead of leaving the cabinet doors as it is, you can use them as a potential storage space by hinging some hooks or making storage columns in them.

The hooks can be used for hanging cutlery and the columns can be used for holding cookbooks and recipe guides.

Install sturdy hooks for cups and mugs

Cups and mugs are some of those items that occupy a lot of space in the kitchens. Instead of keeping them on shelves, get some strong hooks installed and hang them instead.

Organize pots and pans using pan dividers

As soon as you open the door of your cabinet, there is a stinging noise of steel that gives you a migraine. In order to avoid any further discomfort, make sure you use pan dividers for organizing pots and pans.

Segregate the utensils

When you store utensils by segregating them on the basis of their types, you end up with an organized space as well as improve your ease of use.

Utilizing the sink

Instead of letting the sink occupy a quarter of your kitchen’s storage space, fix a cutting board that can slide over it.

Floating Shelves

Even though you might have a small amount of free space on the wall, a floating shelf is always better than the traditional floor shelf as it saves you from a lot of unnecessary wastage of space.

Hiding the clutter

If you are not able to maintain an organized look, try to hide all the clutter as much as you can in a confined space.

Add more drawers

Drawers occupy much less space than a floor shelf. Consider putting your kitchen stuff in drawers in order to save space on the floor.

Install a pull-out board for cutting

You can install a pull out board for chopping edible items and directly sliding the peels into a waste bin.


If your kitchen is tiny, you need to make use of all the space you can, at the same time, preventing overcrowding of the place. For this, you need to think a little out of the box and follow the above mentioned steps.