15 OCT - 2018


Apartments in cities and compact homes come with a tiny kitchen.

For an Indian family that consider the kitchen as the heart of the house – we have loads of utensils and storage requirements. It is, therefore, difficult to optimize such minimal space.

Here are a few easy tricks to maximize the utility and beautifully organize a small kitchen.

Mount Shelves

Adding shelves wherever possible, beside cabinets, helps convert maximum wall space to the storage area. Stack your least used items or small storage boxes on such shelves.

Cabinet Doors

They serve more purposes than to cover up your cabinets if used creatively. Attach hooks to them and you can hang your spatulas and measuring cups and spoons in there.

Spice Rack

Use revolving spice racks or stackers and avoid displaying individual bottles across the counter. You can attach a wooden plank or glass panel to your kitchen counter wall and turn it into a spice rack too.

Organise daily needed items like salt, sugar, coffee, tea, spices, and masalas on such racks.

Knife Organiser

You might want to remove your knife block from your counter and organize your knives separately in your cutlery pull out a draw. In case you don’t have one, screw down a metal strip to your counter wall and attach magnets to them – you can attach your knives to these magnets, one by one. Magnetic stickers are also readily available in the market which will make a good knife holder on the wall.

Fridge Magnets

Another smart option is to optimise the outer walls of your fridge. They are generally magnet friendly. Use readymade magnetic holders or attach small magnets to your tissue holder, small racks and folders to stick them to your fridge.

Optimise Narrow Space

The narrow space between the fridge and the kitchen counter or adjacent wall can be put to use by using thin trolley racks which can hold your mason jars and sauce bottles.

Space under the Sink

Usually a lot of space under the sink is left unused. attach tension rods beneath the sink and hang your cleaning tools. Put an organiser basket or cardboard boxes and arrange cleaning solutions and spare items under the kitchen sink.

Mason Jar Magic

Turn mason jars and empty jam bottles into magnetic storage dubbas. Fix a magnetic strip under the wall cabinets above the kitchen counter; glue small magnets to the lids of these bottles and stick them up to the magnetic strips.

Steel Rods and Hangers

Attach steel rods or towel rods on the wall space above the counter and hang cooking pans, spatulas and small racks from them. This gives your kitchen a contemporary look apart from saving a lot of space.