03 Feb - 2018


The kitchen is where the heart (food) is, so it becomes an absolute essential to make it stylish, modern and manageable. But, before you get carried away by the numerous designs and options before you, it is essential to make a note of these points.

Watch Out For Space

The space you have in your kitchen will define the design, don’t get blown away by the designs. For a smaller space, a parallel or straight kitchen works fine. L, U-shaped or ISLAND kitchen works when you have a larger space.

Let The Air Out

As much as you place the stove/oven, sink and fridge in a strategic triangular way, make sure you have a chimney, vent, exhaust fan or window next to the stove. A good air circulation is essential to save any trouble.

Never Compromise On A Quality

Remember, you always pay for what you get. A modular kitchen stays a lifetime, hence never settle for low quality. Keep your budget in check and choose a reasonably priced quality modular kitchen fittings over the expensive ones.

Let The Lights Guide Your Kitchen

Make sure your modular kitchen is well lit. Inadequate lighting will hinder your tasks and make the kitchen look gloomy. Apart from the main lighting, fix task lights wherever needed.

Choose A Wide Sink

A modular kitchen sink is as important as the other parts. A deep and wide sink will help you in ways you can never imagine. And the most comfortable you can go is by picking a swan neck faucet with a spray fixture to pace up when you rinse.

Plan Your Storage

Section the drawers in your modular kitchen according to your requirements. It depends on how big is your family, and how often you stock up items. Sectional drawers help you organise your utensils in a beautiful yet efficient way.

The Worktop

The worktop or the counter is the most used part of the kitchen. Choose a material, marble, granite or engineered stone, depending on your kitchen requirements. Avoid textured and matt finishes tiles as it can get sticky due to the grease.

Have A Pantry

Small or big a pantry will come in handy. You can store your crockery, cutlery, and even your less frequently used grocery items in here. It can come as a stand-alone unit with pull-out steel/wire racks or you can even design a cupboard for that job.

The Flooring

If you are having a dinner table at the corner or not, make sure your floors are matt finished or use ceramic tiles. It can lessen the chances of any accidents and injuries. Also, choose a pleasant colour, it can light up the kitchen.

Room For Appliances

It is best to allocate separate concealed cabinets for the oven and microwave. The mixer, hand blender and toaster can take up space inside wall mounted cabinets.

Feeling overwhelmed before installing your modular kitchen? Just leave it to our modular kitchen professionals they’ll do the hard part for you.